Tuesday 23 July 2013

Tidying Up...

I guess I ought to tidy the place up a bit, might be a few visitors a-calling..... we'll see!


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  2. Cousin Silas!
    Chuck Conrad here. I took the plunge to get off of FB but I wanted to keep in the loop. Looking forward to updates from here.

  3. Hi. Just wanted to say how much I am enjoying Ballard Landscapes #4. I have been listening to this series since I first saw it mentioned on the artcicle about Cousin Silas on the Ballardian.com site. BL#4 particularly good - am I allowed to spot some small influence of Edward Artemiev's work on Tarkovsky films such as Stalker? I think The Zone qualifies as a fairly hard core Ballardian space though. Keep up the good work.