Thursday 18 September 2014

For the first time in Silas history, a 'proper' double cd with superbly designed slipcase featuring remastered existing tracks and over a cd's worth of new material is now ready for pre-ordering. If you have any doubts about it, then please read on.....

If the intent here was to demonstrate the breadth and sheer quality of Cousin Silas’s ambient music, then it succeeds admirably; this album is a treasure trove, so I suggest you purchase this to start, then dig deep into Cousin Silas’s extensive and rewarding discography.

Tasty Review - and how to buy!


  1. How do I buy this from you? List it on eBay perhaps. I'd buy your whole canon of work if I could afford it. I only now realised your making music that has become the sound track to my life. Dreams of distilled love, slowly being decayed by modernity lust for novelty and obsolescence. You make music that I want to be and feel. Its a reminder of who I was and wish to be.

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