Thursday 18 September 2014

For the first time in Silas history, a 'proper' double cd with superbly designed slipcase featuring remastered existing tracks and over a cd's worth of new material is now ready for pre-ordering. If you have any doubts about it, then please read on.....

If the intent here was to demonstrate the breadth and sheer quality of Cousin Silas’s ambient music, then it succeeds admirably; this album is a treasure trove, so I suggest you purchase this to start, then dig deep into Cousin Silas’s extensive and rewarding discography.

Tasty Review - and how to buy!

Tuesday 23 July 2013

Tidying Up...

I guess I ought to tidy the place up a bit, might be a few visitors a-calling..... we'll see!

Thursday 27 December 2012

Tuesday 8 May 2012

Videos on Youtube

It seems a Madame Papillon has taken a bit of a shine to some of my tracks. He/She has done an absolutely stunning job of putting visuals to four or five of them. Not only that, but, in general, the collection on her/his Youtube channel is worth a look at. Really, really stunning views, colours and moods. Beautiful work.

I thank you once again....

Feast your eyes

A couple of new albums for y'all.

Two new collaborations for your contemplation. I would probably give lots of details here, but to be honest, the folks who would download these albums, probably have, and those who won't.

For details and info, follow the links:


Monday 30 April 2012

Coming soon... Rebekkah's Cousin Silas (waag_rel002)

Over on we are all ghosts blog I've just announced our next release... a collaboration between our favourite Cousin and poet & soprano Rebekkah Hilgraves.

I aim to drop the release next Monday... the 7th of May... which, by the way, coincides with our Silas' birthday. Let's make it one he'll remember.

More details to follow.


Tuesday 17 April 2012

A previous unreleased track features on Elements 1 from The Future Elements

A previous unreleased Cousin Silas track features on the Elements 1 compilation from The Future Elements (a music site I write for). It's a track from an upcoming release on my netlabel weareallghosts... an album I can't wait to share with everyone.

Until the time is right to release the album... please have a listen and download this compilation, for free.

For more on the release, please check out my blog.


Sunday 15 April 2012

The Path Between The Trees is now on Bandcamp

The Path Between The Trees is now on Bandcamp... offering lossless downloads like FLAC and a better player.

Enjoy. Tx

The Path Between The Trees featured on John Toolan's Music To Wash Up To

"...During our passage through the album we have encountered many changes in mood, warmth and texture, but there is no sense that these changes have been contrived, and indeed, the journey seems as pure as one may encounter on a personal level."

John Toolan - Music To Wash Up To

To read the rest of the review, please follow this link.


Friday 13 April 2012

Some thoughts on The Path Between The Trees from Tom Laird

"...I think it is an excellent release. But there are two sides to Cousin Silas, maybe even a bit of Bipolarity going on somewhere. One one hand is the dark ambient stuff and then on the other it is guitar/keys/soundscape which are cinematic in nature but stunning musicianship on these tracks."

Some thoughts on The Path Between The Trees from Austin DJ Tom Laird. For full post, please go to we are all ghosts.

Saturday 7 April 2012

At last! A Ballard-related video!

Whilst a lot of my music has been featured in Ballardian type videos, there hasn't been a directly related one... until now. I feel quite proud to have had my music chosen for an animated version of Ballard's High Rise novel. My special thanks to Mike Bonsall.
Here's the video:

High-Rise The Movie

Thursday 5 April 2012

"The Path Between The Trees"

To download directly (320kbps mp3) please use this link or go to

The Path Between The Trees

I'm very happy to announce the release of 'The Path Between The Trees', my latest offering. It's on the new Netlabel We Are All Ghosts, a label set up by my good mate Thomas Mathie. Thomas has done artwork for a few of my previous albums, and this new release, as far as I am concerned, is some of the best he's done.

Judging by the thousands of comments I usually get, it seems I'm talking to myself again, but because my memory isn;t what it was, it's perhaps a good thing because next week I'll look on my blog and realise I've a new release.

Sunday 18 March 2012

A few new Vids

Cristina Pavesi has made a short video called Celebrity using 'The Death Of Reagan' from Ballard Landscapes II. You can find the video here

To promote the release of the free online game, The World Of The Living Dead, a feature video has been created and is on Youtube. Two tracks, again taken from Ballard Landscapes II have been used for the soundtrack. The tracks are Motel Architecture and, strangely enough, The Death Of Reagen. You can see the video here:

My thanks to both Cristina Pavesi and David Barton.

Wednesday 7 March 2012

A Bit Of New....

Okay, so here's a link to my little chum who has a few exclusive Silas tracks, be very grateful if anyone out there would like to comment either here or on Soundcloud, or even just let me know you're reading this!. One or two of these tracks are of a slightly different direction.

Monday 26 December 2011

Happy Xmas Part 2

There's another 'exclusive' track appearing on Syndae's podcast. The track is called High Drift Reflections and is a part of their 'mature' edition.

Have a listen here:

Sunday 18 December 2011

Relaxed Machinery

Just joined an Ambient Community type blog called Relaxed Machinery. Early days yet, but it does seem to be an ideal place to promote and just generally immerse one's self in the ambient world. Within a day or two of joining I was honoured to be featured as the artist of the day. I've also stuck three new tracks on there, so if you fancy a listen, or don't, then head on over. It's looking rather a promising little watering hole.

Friday 9 December 2011

A Slight Diversion

Not sure if anyone who visits the ol' Silas blog would be interested in a slight diversion of strange and hopefully interesting snippets? Ade-Unsheep and I share a few interests, so it was only natural that we'd get together and talk amongst ourselves. We have started a blog which is basically an area we just waffle. Simple. If anyone anjoys these inane ramblings, then we are open to swapping links?

We were going to call it The Whippet Inn, due to our dubious love of the Carry On Films, but we found out that there are quite a few blogs/websites called this. So... we decided on

Taking Tea At The Large Hadron Collider

Link here:

Happy Xmas part 1....

BFW Recordings are releasing their 2011 Xmas album which features all new material especially written for the festive season. It will be available to download from Monday (12th Dec), although you can actually listen to it now. There are two Cousin Silas tracks, and I'm pleased to be on an album in such good company as Rogue Spore, Mystified and Bing Satellites. Enjoy:

Saturday 1 October 2011

A recent appearance on Youtube

A track, Crane at Train Station, from the album Canavarel Dreams, has recently appeared on Youtube. Like the Album In A Day tracks on Youtube, this one just features the album cover. It's not a video as such, but my thanks go to 19Darshan63, who uploads many ambient tracks. I only found out about this via Google Alert! Anyways, thanks again.

Hypnagogue Podcast

A dose of double thanks here: first goes to Phillip Wilkerson who indirectly pointed out Hypnagogue Podcast. He'd thanked the host, John Shanahan, for featuring his music, so I had a little glance over there just to see if he'd graced the 'pod' with any Silas. And there were quite a few, so the second dollop goes to John, for featuring the odd bit of Silas now and then.

At Last!

It's been a few years now since Kevin Busby and myself released The Abominations Of Yondo. Since then, I've had a couple of albums out, but Kevin has been noticeable by his absence. Mind you, he's been a busy lad with his superbly eclectic and fascinating Phantom Circuit radio program, as well as many side projects and fiddlings. However, as Carya Amara, he's released The Late Carya Amara - ironically called The Late Carya Amara. Check it out (and also find  our more about his side projects and fiddlings!).

Album In A Day 3

I was recently honoured to have had two (yes, two!) tracks included on the BFW Album In A Day 3.  These were, An Eventful Day (Autumn) and Sparkling Sin. The former is a relatively steady ambient piece (the first Silas piece to feature a proper guitar!), whereas the latter is a little darker. My thanks, as always, go to BFW for the inclusion.

Monday 1 August 2011

A rather nice review!

Andy Darlington is a writer who I've enjoyed and admired for many years. His writing, at times, is very Ballardian, so imagine my delight when I read the following review from his blog:

Shimmering on the edge of forever. Being and nothingness. A single note. Then another. A cluster of notes. Another cluster. So chilled-out it’s as frigid as the atmosphere of some distant sunless planet. You thought Philip Glass was minimalist? You thought Moby was glacial? They’re nothing compared to Cousin Silas. Future-music was intended to sound this way. The soundscape of ‘Bladerunner’ cities, of spiralling galaxies turning in infinite slowness. Of falling through the tenuous strands of a nebula. Vibrations on the theme of the universe, its atmospherics form the background shadow-radiation remaindered from the Big Bang. “Northcoates Point” is an impressionistic sound-poem that uncoils as still as an exhalation of breath (yet it’s named for a Lincolnshire naturist beach near Cleethorpes!). Tides of stillness swirl around “Pollard’s Moor”. The near-imperceptible hum of sub-atomic particles in incremental flux.

Pause. Once… in a previous lifetime David W Hughes piloted the innovative SF magazine ‘Works’ from Huddersfield. And while there are geographical reference points to that, thematically it’s a continuity linked more into the desolate landscapes of “Vermillion Drift” and “Concrete Island” on his dedicated JG Ballard album-suites. And under his Cousin Silas nom-de-guerre he’s prolific, select from any number, try the anatomical ‘Adrift Off The Islets Of Langerhans’ (Earthrid) found elsewhere among his free-downloadable back-catalogue. Here, “Something Landed In The Forest” buzzes, saws and scratches like mosquitoes disturbed by a settling extraterrestrial organism of wondrous strangeness. “Standege Tunnels Disused” takes it yet further into a disturbed silence as shapes pass by or chatter in the luminous darkness. Actually, ‘Standedge Tunnel’ is on the Huddersfield Narrow Canal overlooking Marsden Moor, although here it’s mixcrafted into elliptical musique concrète zones. Where it provokes words like ‘ambient’. Where it suggests music for installations at pristine white galleries. With its micro-adjusted spacial geometry as a form of soft brain-washing. A contemplative therapy for atheists. But in a good way. A single note. Then another.

Thanks Andy

Eight Miles Higher

Sunday 31 July 2011

Glorious Science Fiction

As a few of you might know, I adore science fiction. There, I've said it! My particular favourite period is late 50s up to the early 80s, but mainly the 60s. Many of the books I've read over the years have varied considerably, from outright pap to pure gems. I still find it extraordinary how writers such as Barry Malzberg don't get the recognition they deserve, and why was it recently I only 'discovered' Edmund Cooper, and how come there's only one place where I now get all these classic books from? I'll tell you why. Porcupine Books has probably the best selection (most are a quid) and most enthusiastic owner (Brian Ameringen) I've ever had the pleasure to deal with. I actually save up quite a bit of money so that the postage works out at about £6 for the lot. The last lot I bought was around £120 quid's worth. Yes, it's a lot, but I could have gone a lot further, believe me, the choice is staggering. And the man updates it regularly. All the classic SF writers are here from Asimov to Zelazny, although I must confess Asmiov isn't a writer who especially appeals. Oh, and of course, there's usually a decent selection of JG Ballard.
Seriously, check it out, and tell 'em yer Cousin sent you! (and no, he's not related!).

Porcupine Books

Friday 25 March 2011

Satellites Drifting

I feel very proud to have been part of BFW Recordings' 'Album In A Day 2'. The track I did is called Satellites Drifting, and is among some pretty stunning material. It's yours to download free

There is a 'video' although it just shows the album cover, the music is there.


Saturday 19 March 2011

Somewhat Belated.... sorry

Yes, these next three posts are a little late, but here you go... The Silas track (Christmas In The Dunes) on the BFW Recordings Xmas release (The BFW Christmas Album 2010), which I've already mentioned has made it onto their 7th 'I Heard Something In The Distance' series. Even though I say so myself, the track has strong Ballardian connotations.

Two new tracks...

Two tracks appear on a new Kopp Netlabel 2 x cd compilation, Chain Reaction. The two tracks are: Martha and The Old Ones Awaken.

Somewhere Else

The track that Chris Lynne and myself did (Mountain Lodge Section 1 & 2) is also available to download from Bandcamp

Thursday 13 January 2011


Wow! Look at all those comments... the image of tumbleweed rolling across a Ballardian dunescape comes to mind.

Tuesday 11 January 2011

Seven questions... with Cousin Silas

Over on my personal blog I've asked Cousin Silas seven questions... as part of a series of mini-interviews with creatives. The intention is to try to understand a wee bit about what inspires them and drives them to make what they make. Its worth a read... and I'm grateful to Cousin Silas for taking the time to respond.

Seven questions with Cousin Silas


Monday 10 January 2011

Phantom Circuit #60

The second part of the sessions I did for Kevin Busby's Phantom Circuit are now ready for your listening pleasure. Aside from the Silas material he sometimes features, Phantom Circuit is a cracking radio show. Check it out...

Chris Lynn

I did a couple of remixes (well, strictly speaking, they're really a mix of Chris's material, and mine), but hey, who's checking? Anyways, Chris, in his infinite wisdom, joined the two together. They can be found here -

Plus here as well -

Tuesday 14 December 2010

A Christmas Ditty...

There's a new Silas track appearing on BFW Recordings Christmas Album 2010! The Silas track is called December On The Dunes and is unashamedly Ballardian in style, I make no apologies. Anyways, more info on the album and where to download from here:

Thursday 9 December 2010

I love the way the cover picture of the Islets of Langerhans in the pancreas of the human body suggests patterns in the sand.

"I’ve always loved ambient music since I first discovered it (in the 1980s) through the pioneering work of Brian Eno, a musician who I greatly admire. Recently I’ve been introduced to the work of Cousin Silas, partly through my good friend Thomas Mathie (aka @headphonaught). Cousin Silas is not so well known as Brian Eno, but he produces some wonderfully evocative soundscapes. His album Adrift off the Islets of Langerhans is a great introduction to his work and can be downloaded free here! Apart from the music itself, I love the way the cover picture of the Islets of Langerhans in the pancreas of the human body suggests patterns in the sand.

John Ager

You know... I learned something tonight. I honestly thought the cover of Adrift off the Islets of Langerhans was patterns in sand. Thanks for the post, John.

Sunday 5 December 2010

I've now added Thomas Mathie (Headphonaught) as the main contributor to the Blog. He's done so much to help and assist. Actually, he more or less runs it!

Featured in :: "Tribute to Gleaners" mixcloud by Clutter

My friend Shaun from Earth Monkey Productions and Clutter has included my track :: A Cathedral Arch of trees, Lincolnshire :: in his latest mixcloud :: Tribute to Gleaners.

According to the blurb...
"A distillation of a DJ set I did in support of Gleaners - at Lanternhouse in Ulverston, December 2010 as part of Abandon Normal Devices Festival.

The mix also features field recordings by Clutter."
Thanks Shaun! I've embedded it below if you fancy a listen.

Thursday 2 December 2010

Featured ib :: alight here vol.0005 celebration of cousin silas by headphonaught

My dear friend Thomas Mathie aka Headphonaught has dedicated one of his mixcasts to my music.

When he floated the idea passed me... I thought I'd give him some previously unreleased tracks to sweeten the mix and thank him for his fab artwork.

So on his mix... and nowhere else... you will find the following tracks:

  • Warlock Hill (original version)
  • Engines Of Solitude
  • M. R. James (The Ghost Of)
  • Sunrise Behind Strange Hills
  • Nightside
  • Cara Paints no3
Thanks Thomas

alight here #0005 - 1hr47mins - 147mb - 192kbps

a couple of reviews...

"A sonic suspense film, UK ambient music artist Cousin Silas’ twelfth album Canaveral Dreams (on the innovative and intriguing Acustronica label) is tremendously captivating and often absolutely creepy. It works best on good headphones, yet it’s equally good as a late-night passout album. The record label calls this stuff “dark Ballardian soundscapes,” a terrific way to describe these minimalist, nebulously cinematic pieces. Lynchian would be another way to characterize the way these soundscapes build and maintain suspense, vividly finding the menace in the mundane.../"
Chilling Soundscapes by Cousin Silas Evoke J.G. Ballard and David Lynch by Lucid Culture

"For me, Cousin Silas‘ brand of ambient music is like comfort food, you know, meat loaf and potatoes, macaroni and cheese, et cetera. It’s not something I want all the time, but when I need that feeling of familiarity, there’s nothing like a nice warm slice of Cousin Silas.../"
Cousin Silas – Adrift off the Islets of Langerhans by Disruptive Platypus

Thank you both for your kind comments.

Tuesday 30 November 2010

More on Complex Silence 9 :: Fresh Landscapes

Cousin Silas_ Complex Silence 9_ Fresh Landscapes 01 and memories fade

As I said in my previous post... I prefer to let others talk about my releases and thought I'd include what Thomas Mathie thought of it ...

When I was working with Cousin Silas I sent him some initial thoughts on the tracks. I think its appropriate to post them here... to give you a flavour for the album.

1) "... and memories fade" - just like drips of rain after a rainstorm... memories fade. Beautiful Eno-esque ambience at its very best. Simple but effective. This track makes me think of the morning after a horrendous sleep... a sleep punctuated by terrible nightmares. You are slowly wakened to sunlight and the realisation that it... whatever "it" is has gone.

2) "Fresh Landscapes" - the idea that we can see something new in the ordinary. Wonderfully melancholic electronica (melancholica???)... lush synth waves that remind me of the bittersweet sensation of climbing a hill or finally arriving at an anticipated space... you have the elation that comes with seeing the new space but you also have that sense of it being over and you will have to find something new to chase.

3) "golden contrails" - I love this track. The sequencer really stirs my soul. I find it so uplifting and bright. This track is full of anticipation... the yearning of nearly being there. I see an open top jeep driving in a hot, barren landscape... the people in the car share the excitement of nearly arriving at their destination... their holiday home in the middle of nowhere. The passenger looks up and sees the contrails, bathed in sun, of the plane they were on leaving the island. The anticipation builds.

4) "Pollards Moor" - subtle and melancholy synths... reflecting the barrenness of an open moor, sparsely populated with trees. The sense of freedom and openness pervades... a quietness that is only interrupted by birds. A genuine sense of wonder.

5) "Stanedge Tunnels" - a well executed sound picture. Underground exploration. The stuff I dream about doing with my camera. Finding something abandoned and full of abandoned decay. The soundscape evokes the claustrophobia of an underground space. It is sparse... almost hidden... with sudden shocks of sound. Love it.

6) "Star Nursery" - there is a real sense of hope in this tune. a wonderful freshness. it reminds me of morning and of new life. I love when the sequencer comes in then goes almost as quickly as it arrives... almost like birdsong. Beautiful. My kind of ambient.

7) "The Tarn Cairn" - is another wonderful sound picture... very desolate and windswept. A real sense of isolation. That said... I don't feel hopeless isolation. More solitude. More well deserved space.

8) "Complexities in silence" immediately grabbed me for its haunting ambience... my kind of ambient music... lovely!

9) "Northcoates Point" gives a sense of place... a sense of being somewhere... a thin place... a place of mystery.

10) "Something landed in the forest" is just pure joy... a soundtrack to a sci-fi film. Very Delia Derbyshire in places. The atmosphere created by this track is wonderful... and a fitting last track, if indeed it is the last track.
I truly hope you will gain as much as I have from this album.


To see the full set of artwork that Thomas created for the release... go here.

Complex Silence #9 :: Fresh Landscapes

“There are such artists that quietly create and share their works and perhaps never really surface in the wild wild world of netlabel artists.

And to a certain point Cousin Silas is one of the best kept secrets under the radar, born and raised in the Colne valley of West Yorkshire, UK.

He first released in 2001 commercially through fflintcentral but quickly found the world of creative commons in 2005 with 4 releases to date on Earth Monkey productions, 4 releases on Earthrid and wandering through the netlabel world on Just not Normal, Acustronica, BFW Recordings.

As we all mature, it seems to me that through time the stronghold of Cousin Silas’ work digs deeper and has grown more subtle whilst remaining quite fragile.

Today Cousin Silas presents his 14th solo album here on Treetrunk. Continuing in the fantastic series called Complex Silence, Phillip Wilkerson brings to light a marvellous group of artists that dwell on the complexities of silence. One thing you can be sure of; this nineth complexity is one to hold dear. For Cousin Silas certainly masters this beautiful tonal silence and brings a beautiful 10 track album to set your mind off, into …..”
Mark Stolk (aka mystahr)

I am proud to announce my latest release... via Treetrunk Records... curated by Philip Wilkerson as part of the fantastic Complex Silence series. The release contains some truly wonderful artwork from Thomas Mathie who I am grateful to have worked with.

As always... I'll let others talk about the release... and my thanks to Mark Stolk (aka mystahr) for his kind words above.

Download it here for free and let me know what you think.

Monday 27 September 2010

Cousin Silas featured on "alight here"

I am very pleased to see some of my tracks have featured on a couple of Thomas Mathie's mixcasts.

alight here #0001 features a passing and Sawney Hill from Canaveral Dreams and...

alight here #0002 features the toad song from the Snow Imposed Silence.

Well worth checking out... Thomas is doing his bit to promote independent artists by compiling these mixcasts of stuffed to the gunnels with approximately 55 mins of ambient electronic and post-rock tunes from netlabels and bandcamp.

Cousin Silas on Bandcamp

I am now on Bandcamp and will look to the channel as an additional means of getting content out there. I know Thomas Mathie, who I collaborate with my artwork, is a huge fan of the site and I am glad to have a presence on there.

Basically, artists get their own sub-site with the bandcamp URL... mine is and I have the freedom to charge what I want for the music (I prefer free). You, the listener, have the opportunity to download whatever format you want from 320kbps to WAV with FLAC inbetween. I think it is a pretty impressive deal.

While you are on bandcamp... I would recommend you check out their ambient, drone and post-rock genres for some inspired music.

Adrift off the Islets of Langerhans :: Earthrid 012

Available on Earthrid and for the first time Bandcamp is my lucky thirteenth release entitled "Adrift off the Islets of Langerhans".

It is described in the blurb as... "an album of majestic, brooding mood music from Yorkshire’s master of ambience, Cousin Silas. The atmosphere ranges from the menacing to the pastoral, from the joyous to the serene."

This is my third release on Earthrid (I count "Abominations of Yondo") and my thanks go to them for, once again, releasing my work.

Adrift off the Islets of Langerhans is available now from Earthrid and Bandcamp.

Canaveral Dreams :: Acustronica A010

Available on the acustronica, Canaveral Dreams is my 12th release. As you will see from the blurb... "it's a mixture of light ambient, atmospheric, moody and dark Ballardian soundscapes - a veritable potpourrie of sonic textures and aural landscapes."

Artwork is by Thomas Mathie who contributed the following thoughts on his personal blog:
Here are some thoughts on the album... provided to the man himself as feedback a few months back:

001 - A Passing - Wonderfully languid... reminiscent of Eno... an excellent opener – sets the tone for the album.

002 - From A Dark Lighthouse Parts 1, 2 & 3 - Expertly crafted soundscape... gives me “mind pictures” of the sea. Haunting... in a more unfamiliar than scary kind of way.

003 - Crane At Train Station - My kind of ambience... beautifully subtle & relaxed yet well formed and melodious with a sense of brightness... a joyful moment... like seeing a massive crane in the Motherwell Train Station carpark (the track was inspired by one of my photos).

004 - The Decay Of Concrete - Another wonderful soundscape... very much reminiscent of your “Ballardian” work... but not necessarily as dark. More empty and unknown than dark. I see old disused concrete tunnels that whilst abandoned and forgotten by their makers retain a mystique to a new breed of urban explorers with cameras.

005 - Sawney Hill - There is an openness about this track that is truly delightful... coupled with a sense of the grand. As if you've reached your destination and you are taking in the panoramic view for the first time.

006 - Black Mold - Disturbing and disorientating... a sense of panic in the dark. Intimidating but not quite overwhelming.

007 - Canaveral Dreams - A sense of awe and a feeling of size & proportion... like look towards something grand, inspiring and yet intimidating. Like the feeling of walking into the cathedrals of old or seeing the scientific marvels of now... like a rocket about to launch from its dock. Maybe even seeing the Earth from space.

008 - To The Other Side - A sense of coming and going... waves of the sea on sand... that leads to an awakening... a dawning of a new day... like the dark is darkest just before the dawn and then when dawn comes all that concerned us is forgotten in the warmth of the sun.

009 - Arriving Home - The anticipation builds... is felt in the repetition of a heartbeat. Everything passes by in a blur as the focus is placed on the singular moment of arrival... even holding our breath as we near.

010 - Concrete Towers - I see the sun glinting and flaring off towers... I see my photos of the sun playing peek-a-boo... with a sense of calm and peace. A sense that the sun is there... and keeps shining. Regardless of our bleak and empty surroundings there is still light and beauty.

011 - Time Lapse Crash - Scene 7 - Very powerfully evocative soundscape... I can visualise the crash referred to in title.

012 - Whitefield Pits - The feeling of walking in a darkened cave or tunnel... the drips from the roof creating an eerie yet reassuring sound.

013 - First Night - The sense of sleeping rough or in a tent... in the middle of an unknown and threatening space. Very much a feeling of restlessness in the dark as a result of all thats going on outside... unseen yet heard... in the blackness.

014 - Through Glittering Trees - There is something wonderfully rhythmic in the melody. Simple and joyous.

015 - Out There - Something foreboding... in the dark. A wonderful end to another awesome album.

If you like ambient electronica then please check this album out. Truly fantastic.
Canaveral Dreams is available now from acustronica netlabel and my thanks goes to them for releasing an album I am very proud of.

Sunday 26 September 2010

Monday 20 September 2010

Out Now... More details =

<a href="">Adrift off the Islets of Langerhans by Cousin Silas</a>

Tuesday 18 May 2010

Coming soon... "Canaveral Dreams"

Here's a sneak preview of the artwork for my upcoming release... Canaveral Dreams.

Photograph & design by Thomas Mathie.

More soon...