Monday, 26 December 2011

Happy Xmas Part 2

There's another 'exclusive' track appearing on Syndae's podcast. The track is called High Drift Reflections and is a part of their 'mature' edition.

Have a listen here:

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Relaxed Machinery

Just joined an Ambient Community type blog called Relaxed Machinery. Early days yet, but it does seem to be an ideal place to promote and just generally immerse one's self in the ambient world. Within a day or two of joining I was honoured to be featured as the artist of the day. I've also stuck three new tracks on there, so if you fancy a listen, or don't, then head on over. It's looking rather a promising little watering hole.

Friday, 9 December 2011

A Slight Diversion

Not sure if anyone who visits the ol' Silas blog would be interested in a slight diversion of strange and hopefully interesting snippets? Ade-Unsheep and I share a few interests, so it was only natural that we'd get together and talk amongst ourselves. We have started a blog which is basically an area we just waffle. Simple. If anyone anjoys these inane ramblings, then we are open to swapping links?

We were going to call it The Whippet Inn, due to our dubious love of the Carry On Films, but we found out that there are quite a few blogs/websites called this. So... we decided on

Taking Tea At The Large Hadron Collider

Link here:

Happy Xmas part 1....

BFW Recordings are releasing their 2011 Xmas album which features all new material especially written for the festive season. It will be available to download from Monday (12th Dec), although you can actually listen to it now. There are two Cousin Silas tracks, and I'm pleased to be on an album in such good company as Rogue Spore, Mystified and Bing Satellites. Enjoy:

Saturday, 1 October 2011

A recent appearance on Youtube

A track, Crane at Train Station, from the album Canavarel Dreams, has recently appeared on Youtube. Like the Album In A Day tracks on Youtube, this one just features the album cover. It's not a video as such, but my thanks go to 19Darshan63, who uploads many ambient tracks. I only found out about this via Google Alert! Anyways, thanks again.

Hypnagogue Podcast

A dose of double thanks here: first goes to Phillip Wilkerson who indirectly pointed out Hypnagogue Podcast. He'd thanked the host, John Shanahan, for featuring his music, so I had a little glance over there just to see if he'd graced the 'pod' with any Silas. And there were quite a few, so the second dollop goes to John, for featuring the odd bit of Silas now and then.

At Last!

It's been a few years now since Kevin Busby and myself released The Abominations Of Yondo. Since then, I've had a couple of albums out, but Kevin has been noticeable by his absence. Mind you, he's been a busy lad with his superbly eclectic and fascinating Phantom Circuit radio program, as well as many side projects and fiddlings. However, as Carya Amara, he's released The Late Carya Amara - ironically called The Late Carya Amara. Check it out (and also find  our more about his side projects and fiddlings!).

Album In A Day 3

I was recently honoured to have had two (yes, two!) tracks included on the BFW Album In A Day 3.  These were, An Eventful Day (Autumn) and Sparkling Sin. The former is a relatively steady ambient piece (the first Silas piece to feature a proper guitar!), whereas the latter is a little darker. My thanks, as always, go to BFW for the inclusion.

Monday, 1 August 2011

A rather nice review!

Andy Darlington is a writer who I've enjoyed and admired for many years. His writing, at times, is very Ballardian, so imagine my delight when I read the following review from his blog:

Shimmering on the edge of forever. Being and nothingness. A single note. Then another. A cluster of notes. Another cluster. So chilled-out it’s as frigid as the atmosphere of some distant sunless planet. You thought Philip Glass was minimalist? You thought Moby was glacial? They’re nothing compared to Cousin Silas. Future-music was intended to sound this way. The soundscape of ‘Bladerunner’ cities, of spiralling galaxies turning in infinite slowness. Of falling through the tenuous strands of a nebula. Vibrations on the theme of the universe, its atmospherics form the background shadow-radiation remaindered from the Big Bang. “Northcoates Point” is an impressionistic sound-poem that uncoils as still as an exhalation of breath (yet it’s named for a Lincolnshire naturist beach near Cleethorpes!). Tides of stillness swirl around “Pollard’s Moor”. The near-imperceptible hum of sub-atomic particles in incremental flux.

Pause. Once… in a previous lifetime David W Hughes piloted the innovative SF magazine ‘Works’ from Huddersfield. And while there are geographical reference points to that, thematically it’s a continuity linked more into the desolate landscapes of “Vermillion Drift” and “Concrete Island” on his dedicated JG Ballard album-suites. And under his Cousin Silas nom-de-guerre he’s prolific, select from any number, try the anatomical ‘Adrift Off The Islets Of Langerhans’ (Earthrid) found elsewhere among his free-downloadable back-catalogue. Here, “Something Landed In The Forest” buzzes, saws and scratches like mosquitoes disturbed by a settling extraterrestrial organism of wondrous strangeness. “Standege Tunnels Disused” takes it yet further into a disturbed silence as shapes pass by or chatter in the luminous darkness. Actually, ‘Standedge Tunnel’ is on the Huddersfield Narrow Canal overlooking Marsden Moor, although here it’s mixcrafted into elliptical musique concrète zones. Where it provokes words like ‘ambient’. Where it suggests music for installations at pristine white galleries. With its micro-adjusted spacial geometry as a form of soft brain-washing. A contemplative therapy for atheists. But in a good way. A single note. Then another.

Thanks Andy

Eight Miles Higher

Sunday, 31 July 2011

Glorious Science Fiction

As a few of you might know, I adore science fiction. There, I've said it! My particular favourite period is late 50s up to the early 80s, but mainly the 60s. Many of the books I've read over the years have varied considerably, from outright pap to pure gems. I still find it extraordinary how writers such as Barry Malzberg don't get the recognition they deserve, and why was it recently I only 'discovered' Edmund Cooper, and how come there's only one place where I now get all these classic books from? I'll tell you why. Porcupine Books has probably the best selection (most are a quid) and most enthusiastic owner (Brian Ameringen) I've ever had the pleasure to deal with. I actually save up quite a bit of money so that the postage works out at about £6 for the lot. The last lot I bought was around £120 quid's worth. Yes, it's a lot, but I could have gone a lot further, believe me, the choice is staggering. And the man updates it regularly. All the classic SF writers are here from Asimov to Zelazny, although I must confess Asmiov isn't a writer who especially appeals. Oh, and of course, there's usually a decent selection of JG Ballard.
Seriously, check it out, and tell 'em yer Cousin sent you! (and no, he's not related!).

Porcupine Books

Friday, 25 March 2011

Satellites Drifting

I feel very proud to have been part of BFW Recordings' 'Album In A Day 2'. The track I did is called Satellites Drifting, and is among some pretty stunning material. It's yours to download free

There is a 'video' although it just shows the album cover, the music is there.


Saturday, 19 March 2011

Somewhat Belated.... sorry

Yes, these next three posts are a little late, but here you go... The Silas track (Christmas In The Dunes) on the BFW Recordings Xmas release (The BFW Christmas Album 2010), which I've already mentioned has made it onto their 7th 'I Heard Something In The Distance' series. Even though I say so myself, the track has strong Ballardian connotations.

Two new tracks...

Two tracks appear on a new Kopp Netlabel 2 x cd compilation, Chain Reaction. The two tracks are: Martha and The Old Ones Awaken.

Somewhere Else

The track that Chris Lynne and myself did (Mountain Lodge Section 1 & 2) is also available to download from Bandcamp

Thursday, 13 January 2011


Wow! Look at all those comments... the image of tumbleweed rolling across a Ballardian dunescape comes to mind.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Seven questions... with Cousin Silas

Over on my personal blog I've asked Cousin Silas seven questions... as part of a series of mini-interviews with creatives. The intention is to try to understand a wee bit about what inspires them and drives them to make what they make. Its worth a read... and I'm grateful to Cousin Silas for taking the time to respond.

Seven questions with Cousin Silas


Monday, 10 January 2011

Phantom Circuit #60

The second part of the sessions I did for Kevin Busby's Phantom Circuit are now ready for your listening pleasure. Aside from the Silas material he sometimes features, Phantom Circuit is a cracking radio show. Check it out...

Chris Lynn

I did a couple of remixes (well, strictly speaking, they're really a mix of Chris's material, and mine), but hey, who's checking? Anyways, Chris, in his infinite wisdom, joined the two together. They can be found here -

Plus here as well -