Monday, 26 December 2011

Happy Xmas Part 2

There's another 'exclusive' track appearing on Syndae's podcast. The track is called High Drift Reflections and is a part of their 'mature' edition.

Have a listen here:

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Relaxed Machinery

Just joined an Ambient Community type blog called Relaxed Machinery. Early days yet, but it does seem to be an ideal place to promote and just generally immerse one's self in the ambient world. Within a day or two of joining I was honoured to be featured as the artist of the day. I've also stuck three new tracks on there, so if you fancy a listen, or don't, then head on over. It's looking rather a promising little watering hole.

Friday, 9 December 2011

A Slight Diversion

Not sure if anyone who visits the ol' Silas blog would be interested in a slight diversion of strange and hopefully interesting snippets? Ade-Unsheep and I share a few interests, so it was only natural that we'd get together and talk amongst ourselves. We have started a blog which is basically an area we just waffle. Simple. If anyone anjoys these inane ramblings, then we are open to swapping links?

We were going to call it The Whippet Inn, due to our dubious love of the Carry On Films, but we found out that there are quite a few blogs/websites called this. So... we decided on

Taking Tea At The Large Hadron Collider

Link here:

Happy Xmas part 1....

BFW Recordings are releasing their 2011 Xmas album which features all new material especially written for the festive season. It will be available to download from Monday (12th Dec), although you can actually listen to it now. There are two Cousin Silas tracks, and I'm pleased to be on an album in such good company as Rogue Spore, Mystified and Bing Satellites. Enjoy: