Friday, 25 March 2011

Satellites Drifting

I feel very proud to have been part of BFW Recordings' 'Album In A Day 2'. The track I did is called Satellites Drifting, and is among some pretty stunning material. It's yours to download free

There is a 'video' although it just shows the album cover, the music is there.


Saturday, 19 March 2011

Somewhat Belated.... sorry

Yes, these next three posts are a little late, but here you go... The Silas track (Christmas In The Dunes) on the BFW Recordings Xmas release (The BFW Christmas Album 2010), which I've already mentioned has made it onto their 7th 'I Heard Something In The Distance' series. Even though I say so myself, the track has strong Ballardian connotations.

Two new tracks...

Two tracks appear on a new Kopp Netlabel 2 x cd compilation, Chain Reaction. The two tracks are: Martha and The Old Ones Awaken.

Somewhere Else

The track that Chris Lynne and myself did (Mountain Lodge Section 1 & 2) is also available to download from Bandcamp