Saturday, 1 October 2011

A recent appearance on Youtube

A track, Crane at Train Station, from the album Canavarel Dreams, has recently appeared on Youtube. Like the Album In A Day tracks on Youtube, this one just features the album cover. It's not a video as such, but my thanks go to 19Darshan63, who uploads many ambient tracks. I only found out about this via Google Alert! Anyways, thanks again.

Hypnagogue Podcast

A dose of double thanks here: first goes to Phillip Wilkerson who indirectly pointed out Hypnagogue Podcast. He'd thanked the host, John Shanahan, for featuring his music, so I had a little glance over there just to see if he'd graced the 'pod' with any Silas. And there were quite a few, so the second dollop goes to John, for featuring the odd bit of Silas now and then.

At Last!

It's been a few years now since Kevin Busby and myself released The Abominations Of Yondo. Since then, I've had a couple of albums out, but Kevin has been noticeable by his absence. Mind you, he's been a busy lad with his superbly eclectic and fascinating Phantom Circuit radio program, as well as many side projects and fiddlings. However, as Carya Amara, he's released The Late Carya Amara - ironically called The Late Carya Amara. Check it out (and also find  our more about his side projects and fiddlings!).

Album In A Day 3

I was recently honoured to have had two (yes, two!) tracks included on the BFW Album In A Day 3.  These were, An Eventful Day (Autumn) and Sparkling Sin. The former is a relatively steady ambient piece (the first Silas piece to feature a proper guitar!), whereas the latter is a little darker. My thanks, as always, go to BFW for the inclusion.